Extensions & Corrections to the UDC, 33 (2011)

E&C 33 was published and distributed in December 2011. This issue is available for purchase.


Comments & Communications

A. HopkinsonChairman's Comments3
A. SlavicReport of the Editor-in-Chief5
A. SlavicInternational UDC Seminar 2011 "Classification and Ontology": a report9
S. DaviesUDC Editorial Workshop, The Hague, 21 September 2011: a report11
A. BuxtonDuplication of concepts in UDC13
C. GnoliFacets in UDC: a review of current situation19
E. CivalleroBiology revision project - second stage: class 58 Botany37

Bibliography of UDC related publications in 2011

The bibliography for this year is available here.

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