Extensions & Corrections to the UDC, 16 (1994)

E&C 16 was published and distributed in November 1994. A few copies of this issue are still available for purchase at a discounted price


Comments & Communications

I.C. McIlwaineReport of the UDC Editor in chief9
N.J. WilliamsonFuture Revision of the UDC19
G.A. WilkinsRevision Project Class 52 - Astronomy29
A.M. KirselUDC and Estonia31
N. CousinGuide des classifications musicales à l'usage des bibliothèques33
J. HendersonThe Universal Decimal Classification and Guide to the Use of UDC37
Y. Nakamura, T. Ishikawa, M. KuboComputer Science and Technology41

Revised UDC tables

Countries of the world 1994
Concordance UDC notations - ISO 3166
South Africa
Class 9 - Geography. Biography. History
Miscellaneous amendments