UDC Discussion Lists, Blogs and Fora

In English

  • UDC-Forum - is an open general discussion list for UDC users and researchers hosted by the British National Academic Mailing List Service known as JISCmail. You can join by following this link. The list is managed by Dr. Andrew Buxton.
  • UDC Weblog - is a space for the exchange and publishing of information and news on UDC. Comments on the blog are open to all. If you would like to use this space to publish your messages contact aida.slavic[@t]udcc.org and an invitation will be send to you.
  • UDC-Development - is closed a list for members of the UDC Editorial Team and the UDC Advisory Board - hosted by UDCC. The list is run by the UDC Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Aida Slavic

In Spanish

In Italian

  • UDC Lista Italia - is an open discussion Italian Working Group on UDC (currently working on the revision of class 1 Philosophy) and for UDC researchers and users in Italy in general. To join follow this link. The list is hosted by UDCC and run by Claudio Gnoli
  • CDU - Gruppo di lavoro Italia - is a website of the Italian UDC working group

In Russian

In Croatian

  • UDK lista - is an open discussion list on UDC in Croatian