UDC Training Service

UDC Consortium can organize and provide quality UDC training in your institution or in the UDC Headquarters in The Hague. Our editorial team members are lecturers and practitioners with decades of experience in teaching subject indexing and UDC at an academic level and they can deliver one of our standard UDC courses or prepare courses to suit your needs. We are able to supply UDC workshops in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Swedish, Croatian and Czech.

You can consider a one day general workshop or an introductory / 'refresher' workshop in UDC, or you can opt for a two day course with more time provided for practical exercises. The Consortium also offers a course for advanced UDC users on UDC content updates and an overview of UDC changes.

The cost of the training will cover the cost of the training material and daily fee of the lecturer and travel costs if any are involved. To guarantee the best quality we would require that you plan your course at least 5 months ahead. Contact us for any further queries.