UDC Consultancy Service

The UDCC user-support team will provide answers to any simple queries about UDC practical implementation for free. However, if you need more substantial or urgent help you may consider 1-2 days of expert help from one of the Consortium consultancy service. For instance, if you are plannning a new UDC edition, implementing UDC for the first time or are reclassifying your existing collection.

UDC Editors and collaborators are experts in the UDC system, its data structure, formats and revision history. The Consortium can provide access to consultants with decades of experience in UDC indexing, implementation and publishing of UDC. Our consultants all have a postgraduate degrees in library and information science or library experience and can provide support in English, French, Dutch and Spanish.

Our consultants can help with:

  • implementing UDC for indexing and searching, requiring a good knowledge of UDC data structure and UDC system rules
  • planning the systematic arrangement of your library
  • advice on reclassification and updating UDC authority files
  • evaluating the use of UDC in your catalogues, and advice on features supporting searching and browsing of the UDC
  • publishing the UDC or creating schedules online

The consultancy rate is charged per day. Do not hesitate to contact us with more specific queries.