Article on Automatic assignment of UDC codes (IEEE Access)
An interesting article entitled "A Hybrid Approach to Recommending Universal Decimal Classification Codes for Cataloguing in Slovenian Digital Libraries" by M. Borovic, M. Ojstersek and D. Strnad was published in IEEE Access
From the abstract: "In this article we present a hybrid approach to recommending the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) codes for unclassified documents. By recommending UDC codes to librarians, we can provide the decision support as part of a semi-automatic cataloguing process. As current approaches to recommending UDC codes are scarce and limited to certain fields of expertise, our motivation was to create a hybrid approach which covers all fields of expertise within the UDC hierarchy. The cascade hybrid approach combines the BM25 ranking function with a multi-label classifier based on a BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) deep neural network architecture..."
ISKO UK Educational programme features a UDC Workshop
ISKO UK has initiated a series of online lectures entitled Knowledge Organization Education (KOED). This autumn's programme started with three KOS Workshops. One of the workshops is "Introduction to Universal Decimal Classification" presented by Aida Slavic, UDC Editor-in-Chief
New book "Linking Knowledge" with chapter on UDC Linked Data
Chapter 5 "Publishing a Knowledge Organization System as Linked Data: The Case of the Universal Decimal Classification", by Aida Slavic, Ronald Siebes, Andrea Scharnhorst, pp. 69-98. In: Linking Knowledge: Linked Open Data for Knowledge Organization and Visualization. Eds. Richard P. Smiraglia and Andrea Scharnhorst, Ergon, 2021.
Polish printed abridged edition from 2019 receives an award
Polish abridged UDC edition "Uniwersalna Klasyfikacja Dziesiętna: wydanie skrócone dla bieżącej bibliografii narodowej i bibliotek publicznych" receives The Scientific Award of the Adam Łysakowski - awarded by the Association of Polish Librarians