New Dutch Abridged Edition
A new Dutch abridged edition "Universele Decimale Classificatie: beknopte nederlandse uitgave" was published by the UDC Consortium. The book is envisaged as a practical manual for practitioners working with UDC as well as for training and teaching classification. The book can be ordered online.
This edition is based on the standard UDC abridged database, which includes over 10,000 classes and is extended by the complete place subdivision for the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname and the Caribbean Netherlands and the history of the Dutch speaking countries. This Dutch Abridged edition was prepared by Dr. Gerhard J. A. Riesthuis who is also the author of the introduction to the UDC and the comprehensive alphabetical index with over 19,000 entries.
Croatian UDC: abridged edition
A Croatian abridged edition of the UDC "Univerzalna decimalna klasifikacija: skraceno izdanje" has been published by the National and University Library in Zagreb.
The new abridged edition (edited by Lidija Juric-Vukadin) contains more than 10.000 classes and an extensive alphabetical index of over 17,000 entries. These abridged tables are extended with the full place subdivision and history for Croatia and its neighbouring countries. Read more
Slovenian UDC: 3rd online edition
The third online edition of the Slovenian UDC Tretja elektronska izdaja UDCMRF 2011 by National and University Library Ljubljana (Slovenia) is released this January.
The previous edition (2006) has been updated with around 12,000 more classes and is aligned with the UDC MRF11. Among many other amendments, the 3rd online edition also contains revision to botany and zoology and a significant extension of the common auxiliaries of place.
Outputs - UDC Seminar 2013 now available
Slides (pdf) and talks (mp3) from the International UDC Seminar 2013 - "Classification and Visualization" are available from the conference website. The conference proceedings published by Ergon can be purchased online.
The International UDC Seminar entitled "Classification & Visualization: Interfaces to Knowledge" took place in Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague, on 24-25 October 2013. This was the fourth in a series of International UDC Seminars. The 2013 seminar was devoted to exploring advances and techniques in the visualization of knowledge across various fields of application and their potential impact on developments in the more main stream bibliographic and documentary classifications.

This was another successful and well attended UDC Seminar with 115 delegates from 24 countries. The keynoted address by Prof. W. Boyd Rayward was followed by 18 talks. The poster exhibition consisted of four conference posters and a selection of posters from "Places & Spaces: Mapping Science".