UDC Editorial Team & Advisory Board

The maintenance and the development of UDC content is the responsibility of the UDC Editorial Team and the UDC Advisory Board. The Editorial Team closely collaborates with the UDC Advisory Board comprising of practitioners and UDC specialists worldwide.

Both teams fulfil the following functions, co-ordinated by the UDC editor-in-chief:

  • revision planning, advising on revision policy and revision guidelines
  • revision of the schedules
  • maintenance and distribution of the UDC data, ensuring preservation and continuation of functionalities based on UDC data
  • recording, publishing and communicating changes of the UDC scheme to users and publishers
  • advising the UDC Consortium on matters related to UDC publishing and UDC users
  • UDC user support

We are currently reorganizing the UDC editorial procedures and the Editorial and Advisory teams (March-June 2019).

UDC Editor-in-ChiefDr Aida Slavic
UDC EditorDr Ana Vukadin