UDC Data Services

Since 1993 the UDC has been stored in a database. Although several types of standard exports are available to publishers and users, the UDC Consortim also offers several useful services to all UDC licence holders.

Our programmers and UDC specialists have experience working with the UDC classification scheme and we can guarantee good quality data exports.

On demand data exports

To save time, publishers or users may ask for exports with a varying selection of UDC data elements or exports in certain formats or combinatons of languages.

UDC Data Alignment

The alignment here refers to the comparison of the old published edition in a specific language with the last UDC MRF data in English, providing a report indicating:

  • new classes added since the last edition
  • classes that have been cancelled
  • classes that have changed to a certain extent
  • validation of references
  • report on the extent of alignement with the MRF

The cost of the alignment depends on the format of your own data and the size of the UDC schedule to be aligned. For instance, alignment of the complete UDC editions (equivalent to the size of UDC MRF 60-80.000 classes) will cost between 1000-2000 EUR if the data is supplied as structured texts or database exports. The price of the alignment is proportionally reduced for smaller sets and is proportionally increased if data to be aligned has to be extracted from text (MS Word or pdf documents). Basic price guidelines are available from the UDCC office.

UDC Translation Database Support

UDCC hosts an online translation database for up to 10 translators working on the same language simultaneously. Full database support (with regular data backup), user support and import/export services are available. Our translation website allows translators to download an export of data independently. Off-line translation, if required, is also supported consisting of a weekly export/upload service. When fully translated, data can be exported in the desired format to publishers.

Costs: Translation database costs are negotiated based on the publishers' needs, times scale and number of translators with options for discounts and special offers. The guide price is as follows: database setup costs is 600 EUR, following this the cost of database use is 300-400 EUR per month (depending of the number of translators).


The price of UDC Data Services is determined on a case by case basis depending on the number of hours required by a programmer. Do not hesitate to contact us explaining the kind of data exports, alignment or online translation you need, the purpose and your UDC publishing or MRF licence number if you have one.