UDC Editions

UDC Editions have been printed in 40 languages. UDC Summary (2,600 classes) is available in over 57 languages.

The latest research on the UDC translations and editions, published in the Extensions and Corrections, 26 (2004), contains a chronological summary of the editions and bibliography of last reported editions in 39 languages, and is available here.

The last research on the UDC use worldwide was undertaken between 2004-2006. The results are published in the Journal of Documentation, Vol. 62 2(2008) and a pre-print of the article is available here.

Selection of complete printed editions

In English: UDC: Universal Decimal Classification. Standard edition. 2 volumes. London : BSI, 2005.
Volume 1 - Systematic tables, ISBN 0 580 45469 X
Volume 2 - Alphabetical Index, ISBN 0 580 45470 3

In French: Classification décimale universelle. Édition moyenne internationale en 3 volumes. Liège, Éditions du C.E.F.A.L., 2004. ISBN 2-87130-152-2.

In Spanish: Clasificación Decimal Universal (CDU). Norma UNE 50001: 2015. Printed edition in 3 volumes. Madrid, AENOR, 2015. ISBN: 978-84-8143-822-2 [for the complete set]

In Portuguese (Brazil): Classificação Decimal Universal. 2nd standard international ed. in Portuguese. Editor in chief Regina Coeli S. Fernández. Brasília : Ministerio de Ciẽncia e Tecnología; Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciẽncia e Tecnologia, 2007. (Publicação no UDC-P053)
Volume 1. Tabelas sistemáticas; 1257 pp. ISBN 978-85-7013-075-4
Volume 2. Indice alfabético ; 603 pp. ISBN 978-85-7013-074-7

UDC Online editions


In English: UDC Online English (complete edition, paid service, free trial period)

In Spanish: CDU Online español (complete edition, paid service, free trial period)

In Dutch: UDC Online Nederlands (complete edition, paid service, free trial period)

In Croatian: Hrvatski UDK Online (complete edition, free subscription)

In Czech: České MDT Online (complete edition, free subscription)

In French: CDU Online Français (complete edition, paid subscription)

In Polish: Polska UKD Online (complete edition, free subscription)

In Serbian: Српски УДК Онлајн (complete edition, free subscription)

In Slovakian: Slovenské MDT Online (standard edition, free subscription)

In Slovenian: 4. elektronska izdaja tabel Univerzalne decimalne klasifikacije UDCMRF12 (standard edition 2020, paid service)

In Swedish: Universella decimalklassifikationen (Abridged edition, 6100 classes, free access)

The first UDC editions

  1. Manuel du Repertoire Bibliographique Universel, Brussels: IIB, 1905-1907.
  2. Classification Décimale Universelle, (FID 151), Brussels: IIB, 1927-1933.
  3. Dezimal-Klassifikation (Gesamtausgabe), (FID 196), Berlin: DNA. ,1934-1953.