Czech UDC Online release
UDC Online in the Czech language will be released for public use in January 2015.
UDC Online in Czech "České MDT Online" are the new UDC online schedules in the Czech language that will be available to Czech users from January 2015. These schedules are released by the National Library of the Czech Republic in collaboration with the UDC Consortium.
IFLA 2014 General Conference and Assembly
If you happen to be in Lyon, please join us for our regular UDC Update session at the 2014 IFLA General Conference and Assembly.

Members of the UDC Editorial team will give a brief presentation on the current developments in the UDC, ongoing translation projects, forthcoming publications and events.
Monday, 18 August
Room St. Clair 3b
Dutch UDC Online Opens
UDC users in Dutch speaking countries can now access Dutch UDC schedules at UDC Online Nederlands. These are the most comprehensive UDC tables published in Dutch to date. A free two-week trial is now open and an annual subscription will be available after 10 March 2014.
UDC Online contains a complete standard edition of the scheme on the Web with over 70,000 classes extended with more than 11,000 records of historical UDC data (cancelled numbers). Around 80% of the class descriptions appear in Dutch and the remaining 20% are displayed in English (mainly on deeper levels of the subdivisions in class 5 and class 6). The Dutch translation is continuing and the remaining Dutch text will be uploaded as it becomes available.
New Dutch Abridged Edition
A new Dutch abridged edition "Universele Decimale Classificatie: beknopte nederlandse uitgave" was published by the UDC Consortium. The book is envisaged as a practical manual for practitioners working with UDC as well as for training and teaching classification. The book can be ordered online.
This edition is based on the standard UDC abridged database, which includes over 10,000 classes and is extended by the complete place subdivision for the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname and the Caribbean Netherlands and the history of the Dutch speaking countries. This Dutch Abridged edition was prepared by Dr. Gerhard J. A. Riesthuis who is also the author of the introduction to the UDC and the comprehensive alphabetical index with over 19,000 entries.