Extensions & Corrections to the UDC, 21 (1999)

E&C 21 was published and distributed in November 1999. A few copies of this issue are still available for purchase at a discounted price.


Comments & Communications

A. StevensGrowth3
I. C. McIlwaineReport of the Editor in Chief5
I. C. McIlwaineNotes & Queries7
J. BurletLa Classification Décimale universelle (C.D.U.) et le monde francophone10
S. ParkerFID, UDC and the Future14
Y. Dumitrescu, C. DumitrasconiuRomanian Thesaurus19
G. J. A. RiesthuisSearching With Words: Re-Use of Subject Indexigin24

Bibliography of UDC related publications in 1999

The bibliography for this year is available here.


Class 2 - Religion and Theology - V. Broughton
Class 61 - Medicine: Restructuring Progress 1999 - I.C. McIlwaine, N.J. Williamson

Revised UDC tables

Table 1e - Common auxiliaries of place
Class 34 - Law
Class 35 - Administration
Miscellaneous corrections