Extensions & Corrections to the UDC, 20 (1998)

E&C 20 was published and distributed in November 1998. A few copies of this issue are still available for purchase at a discounted price.


Comments & Communications

A. StevensA Time of Change and Challenge3
I. C. McIlwaineReport of the Editor in Chief5
T. IshikawaINFOSTA's Annual Report 1997 for UDC7
I. C. McIlwaineIFLA Meeting in Amsterdam8
A. KiralyThe Use of UDC in Romania10
L. A. BielickaNinety Years of the UDC in Polish Libraries11
I. C. McIlwaineThe UDC at the Present Time13
V. BroughtonThe Revision Process in UDC; An Examination of the Systematic Auxiliary of 'Point-of-View' Using Facet-Analytical Methods17
G. J. A. RiesthuisThe UDC Master Reference File21
M. Balikova, B. Stoklasova, S. PsohlavecBilingual (English-Czech) UDC Master Reference File on CD-ROM27
G. Robinson BSI and the UDC30

Bibliography of UDC related publications in 1998

The bibliography for this year is available here.


The Development of a Common Auxiliary Schedule of Property: A Preliminary Survey and Proposal for its Development - V. Broughton
Class 61 - Medicine: Progress on Restructuring - I.C. McIlwaine, N.J. Williamson

Revised UDC tables

Table 1e - Common auxiliaries of place
Class 34 - Law
Class 35 - Administration
Miscellaneous corrections