Extensions & Corrections to the UDC, 32 (2010)

E&C 32 was published and distributed in December 2010. This issue is available for purchase at a discounted price.


Comments & Communications

A. HopkinsonChairman's comments3
A. SlavicReport of the Editor-in-Chief5
E. CivalleroUDC Biology Revision Project - First Stage: Class 59 Vertebrates9
F. Alexander, K. Stickley, V. Buser, L. MillerUDC at the BBC21
E. ZaytsevaElectronic UDC in the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology25
Y. NabhanUDC News in Ukraine31

Bibliography of UDC related publications in 2010

The bibliography for this year is available here.


Improving African Languages Classification: initial investigation and proposal - E. Civallero
(proposed schedules for class =4 (Table 1c) avalable on request)
Proposal for the expansion of class 512.7 Algebraic geometry - VINITI

Revised UDC tables

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Errata for revised tables E&C32 (2010)