Extensions & Corrections to the UDC, 31 (2009)

E&C 31 was published and distributed in December 2009. This issue is available for purchase at a discounted price.


Comments & Communications

A. HopkinsonChairman's comments9
M. I. CordeiroReport of the Editor in Chief11
A. Slavic, C. Overfield, G. Riesthuis, J. PikaMultilingual UDC Summary Online Project: 2009 update13
A. SlavicRound Table "UDC Editorial Perspectives": a report19
C. GnoliUDC Philosophy Revision Report 125
N. J. Williamson, I. C. McIlwaineUDC Medical Sciences Project: Progress and Problems33

Bibliography of UDC related publications in 2009

The bibliography for this year is available here.

Revised UDC tables

Common Auxiliaries
Main tables
Errata E&C 31 contains additional changes of UDC records during the MRF2009 update