UDC MRF Use Licences


MRF licence fees are based on the type of use that is to be made of the UDC MRF. These are not publishing licences, but rather terms and conditions of use of MRF data by restricted communities of authorized users, in a non-public environment.

MRF licences are issued by the UDCC Office upon verification and approval of the licence application and following the payment. In the process of application, customers have to state the purpose of UDC MRF use and agree with conditions of use. MRF licences confirm the terms and conditions of use, defined by the UDCC and issue to the client, signed by the UDCC Office only.

Prices and Application forms

Type of MRF Licence Annual Fee 3 Year Fee
(10% discount)
MRF licence for pre-publication work
For publishers, either commercial or institutional: for all the work needed to prepare an UDC edition, before actual publishing, e.g., executing the translation
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€350 €945
MRF licence for institutional research projects
For institutions or consortia of any kind, notably to explore the potential of UDC in particular uses, new services, etc.
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€1,000 €2,700
MRF licence for intranet and information systems
For library and other information systems where UDC is used for internal reference purposes on an intranet, or for loading classification data in a given information system in which the information resources are organized according to UDC.

Intranet or Individual system

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€1,000 €2,700

Co-operative system - up to 10 institutions*


Co-operative system - 11-20 institutions (for sharing UDC data between more than 20 institutions see publishing licences)

* The expression "institution" is used here in the meaning of a single (non-cooperative, non-federate) organization or entity such as a library.

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€4,300 €11,610