Universal Decimal Classification
UDC is one of the most widely used classification schemes for all fields of knowledge. It is used in libraries, bibliographic, documentation and information services in over 130 countries around the world and is published in over 40 languages.
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UDC Consortium
The UDCC is a non-profit association of publishers established to maintain, develop and distribute the UDC for the benefit of its users. Apart from its strategic, managerial and promotional responsibilities, the UDCC also appoints an editorial team and advisory board to oversee the content of the scheme and contribute to its regular revision in order to reflect new knowledge.
UDC Books and Schedules
Polish UDC Online released
Polish UDC Online "Polska UKD Online" was released for public use on 16 December 2019. This is the first complete online edition in the Polish language. It is published in collaboration between the National Library of Poland and the UDC Consortium. Polska UKD is available free of charge to all libraries and other information institutions in Poland.
Serbian UDC Online released
Serbian UDC Online "Srpski UDK Onlajn" has now been released. This is the first complete online edition in the Serbian language, prepared and published as a collaboration between the National Library of Serbia and the UDC Consortium. Srpski UDK Onlajn is available for free to Serbian librarians and other information professionals.