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Licences > UDC Licences Terms

UDC Licences Terms

Price Scheme and Application Forms



Publishing licences are required and the corresponding fees are due since the moment a publisher starts the actual publication and distribution of an edition and for the minimum period of 4 (four) consecutive years.

For licensed editions in print, and/or CD, no more payments are due after the 4 th year for the licensed editions in print, and/or CD, even if the edition is still in distribution. To each new edition (2 nd , 3 rd , etc.) from the same publisher the same rules apply.

This licence also covers distribution/selling of UDC schedules and/or UDC subject-alphabetical index embedded in software products (e.g. library systems). When applied to software, the licence has to be paid annually for as long as the UDC data are distributed.

Note: A publishing license is not needed for the period of preparation of an edition (e.g., preparing a translation). In this case, an MRF License for Pre-publication Work is advised (see below.). With such a license, the future publisher gets MRF and can secure its rights to publish anticipating its choice of publishing license according to 1.3 below .

1.1. Additional publishing of partial updates

For the publishing of partial updates, i.e., publications that partially update an already licensed edition without replacing its whole content, there is an additional fee of 15% of the license fee of the base edition it refers to, also due for four years. This applies to each update issued for an edition.

1.2 Exclusive and universal publishing licences

Through their financial contribution to the UDCC operation each Member of the Consortium has an automatic and exclusive universal right to publish UDC in their own language and in any medium. At present, these languages are English, French, Russian, Spanish and Czech. Consequently, publishing UDC in these languages requires the agreement of the licence owner.

1.3 Licences for publishing in particular language and media

Publishers may apply for a Licence to publish UDC editions in languages other than those mentioned under 1.2 above, and subject to the availability of rights in other languages, according to the price scheme.

See Price Scheme and Application Forms.



These are not publishing licences, but rather terms and conditions of use of UDC MRF data by restricted communities of authorized users, in a non-public environment. MRF licence fees are based on the type of use that is to be made of the UDC MRF. The following licences are available:

  • MRF licence for pre-publication work - written conditions of MRF use, when licensing MRF for preparing an UDC edition, e.g., for executing a translation [price and application];

  • MRF licence for intranet and information systems – written conditions of MRF use, when licensing MRF to load classification data into information systems in which the information resources are organized according to UDC (e.g., a particular installation of a library automation system) [price and application];

  • MRF licence for institutional research projects - written conditions of MRF use, when licensing MRF for use in institutional research projects that do not include the publication of an UDC edition [price and application];

  • MRF licence for educational purposes - written conditions of MRF use for UDC teaching and studying
    [price and application];

  • MRF licence for personal use - written conditions of MRF use, when licensing MRF for personal use, e.g. in study and research. [price and application]

See Price Scheme and Application Forms.


For special situations considered exceptional or not covered by the standard licence scheme, the UDCC is open to discussion and reserves the right to negotiate different licence conditions and fees.



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