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Extensions and Corrections to the UDC No. 29 (2007)

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Comments and Communications

Chairman’s comments
A Hopkinson

Report of the Editor in Chief
M I Cordeiro

German UDC translation project
A Slavic, J Pika, G Riesthuis, C Overfield

Update on UDC in Russia

Conclusions from the 2007 "Conference on the use of the UDC" in Slovenia
Sauperl, M L Fidler, D Rozman, M R Salobir

Helmut Artnz (1912-2007)
I Dahlberg

Tamás Földi (1929-2007)
A Hajdu Barát

A Slavic

UDC publications/products

The Universal Decimal Classification - a guide to its use - revised edition 2007 - by I.C. McIlwaine
UDC publications: BSI
UDC publications: AENOR
Magnaview UDC-viewer MAGNAVIEW


Table 1c Common Auxiliaries of Language
South American Indigenous Languages [by E Civallero]
Proposed UDC Tables

Class 61 – Medicine Restructuring
Progress in 2007 [by I C McIlwaine, N J Williamson]
Proposed UDC tables

Revised UDC tables

Common Auxiliaries: Tables 1d, 1e, 1k-05
Main tables: 02, 2, 364, 39, 63,66


Annex: "Proceedings of the International Seminar "Information Access for the Global Community" 4-5 June 2007, The Hague" [pp. 159-321]

M I Cordeiro

Summary and conclusions
I C McIlwaine

Progress in synthetic classification: towards unique definition of concepts
C Gnoli

Why organize information if you can find it? UDC and libraries in an Internet world
W Schallier

UDC in Czechia
M Balíková

Universal Decimal Classification at the ETH-Bibliothek Zurich - a Swiss perspective
J Pika

UDC in Slovenia
B Rifl, D Rozman, T Musek

Does convenience trump accuracy? The avatars of the UDC in Romania
V Frâncu

Multilevel education, training, traditions and research on UDC in Hungary
A Hajdu Barát

Use of the UDC in Spain: implementation, application, teaching and research
R San Segundo

Visual Universal Decimal Classification?
E-J van der Linden, R Vliegen, J van Vijk

Representing and aligning thesauri for an integrated access to cultural heritage resources
A Isaac, H Matthezin

Better consistency of the UDC system moving medicine from section 61 to section 4

M Benito

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